Discover Zoom! Teeth Whitening with Dr. Vagenas Dental Clinic in Brockton MA

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening System is a fast, safe and effective teeth whitening system available with the supervision of your dentist.  It’s a bleaching process that lightens the discoloration of enamel and dentin – the hard, dense tissue that forms the primary matter of the tooth beneath the enamel. When you set up your consultation with Dr. Vagenas, we’ll recommend a solution that best works for you, to fit your lifestyle and budget.

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening System is an in-office bleaching process that is widely known for its ability to quickly brighten teeth from the effects of discoloration. The complete procedure takes about 90-Minutes, but Dr. Vagenas recommends a teeth cleaning prior to the Zoom! Teeth Whitening Treatment.  Once the lips and gums are safely covered, Dr. Vagenas will apply the patented Zoom! Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel.  The Zoom! Teeth Whitening System incorporates a special light that penetrates the teeth to break up stains and discoloration. During the process the patient is free to relax, watch TV, or listen to music. 

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening System is a Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure available in Brockton, MA 02301

Zoom! lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration.  It is the most popular treatment by both men and women alike and the treatments available include a 90-Minute Dental Visit as well as a take-home do-it-yourself kit.  Zoom! Teeth Whitening is very popular because it can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth at much less cost and inconvenience than other techniques. 

Zoom! Teeth Whitening exists to remove the stains and debris associated with diet and aging.  Yellow or stained teeth are a common problem most Americans will develop at some point in their lives but can remedy with proper treatment. Our teeth contain enamel, a porcelain-like surface that started out sparkling white. Tooth enamel is designed to protect the teeth from the effects of chewing, gnashing, trauma and acid attacks caused by sugar. Over time, our enamel starts to hold stains within its pores and becomes more transparent and permits the yellow color of dentin, the tooth’s core material, to show through. As more stains and debris accumulate because of normal wear and tear and eating habits, the teeth develop a dull, lackluster appearance. 

How Does the Zoom! Teeth Whitening in-Office Procedure Work? Brockton, MA 02301

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening in-Office procedure generally takes about 90 minutes, which includes the preparation, the whitening and then removal of the whitening solution. The actual procedure involves using a Zoom! Light that helps activate the hydrogen peroxide within the whitening solution. As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down it allows for oxygen to enter the tooth’s enamel and dentin, bleaching any colored areas while the structure of the tooth remains unchanged. Studies show that the use of the Zoom! Lamp helps to improve the effectiveness of the whitening solution by 26% or higher, offering, on average, an improvement of up to eight shades.

With the Zoom! Teeth Whitening in-office teeth whitening, you will also be given a Zoom! take-home whitening system, which can used for touch-ups. This take-home system includes custom fitted trays designed from impressions of the upper and lower teeth.

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening System in Brockton, MA 02301

Enjoy the convenience of the Zoom! Teeth Whitening System for your teeth from just about anywhere you want, at any time. The Zoom! Teeth Whitening take-home whitening system uses custom fitted trays designed from an impression we take of your teeth. Simply put the gel into your trays and wear the trays for the recommended time, and applications, either during the day or even at night, while you sleep.

Is the Zoom! Teeth Whitening System safe for my teeth? Brockton, MA 02301

Just like any product that you use on your body, it’s important to follow and understand the Zoom! Teeth Whitening directions, as some whitening products may irritate your gums or cause sensitivity if they are used incorrectly or too often.  Extensive dental research and clinical studies consider teeth whitening to be safe under the supervision of a dentist.

The safest way to whiten your teeth is under the supervision of one of our dentists, who will not only assess your overall oral health, but the health of your teeth, including the oral health history.  Dr. Vagenas may know that you are likely to experience sensitivity and may recommend a more gentle solution to maximize the results you want with a teeth whitening plan that will not provide any discomfort.

Set up a consultation today to learn how the Zoom! Teeth Whitening System can help provide you with a great smile that you can be proud of, call Dr. Vagenas and schedule an appointment.  (508) 586-4276

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