See you at Vagenas Dental to get the best smile and service in town!

They know what it takes. At Vagenas Dental their entire staff work diligently to ensure a top-notch experience for any visitor. Their team of trained professionals continue further education on the newest, most up to date dental technology far and wide. All of the staff work daily to uphold the office standards for excellence in patient care.

That is why they invite you to visit them for you upcoming dental needs. All at the office are confident in their five-star care and know they can get happy smiles on all of their patients.

That is why they get stellar testimonials and reviews. Their patients are family. Having had a practice in the community since 2000, Dr. Bill has treated hundreds (even thousands) of new and returning patients. Having earned his Doctoral degree in 1995 from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and finished his residency, he opened his practice in 2000.

Vagenas Dental has continued earning the reputation they hold today.
“The best in town”

No treatment is too big or small. Everything from cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics to extractions and regular yearly visits, Dr. Bill and his team offer progressive methods in dental care. Just take a look at their full list of services and you will be convinced 

No reason for you to wait. Get that beaming smile within your grasp. Be sure to check out their website and make an appointment with Dr. Bill and his office today! You won’t be disappointed. Their appointment scheduling is fast and easy. So, onto a beautiful smile. This is their invitation for a visit and they hope to see you soon.

Vagenas Dental
“The best in town”
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(508) 585-4276

5 Torrey St.
Brockton, MA 02301

Best Dental Care in Brockton, MA

Dr. Vagenas can conduct a dental exam that tells you if you are especially vulnerable to cavities and other problems. He can advise you about fluoride, dental sealants and other steps that will protect your teeth – and perhaps require fewer trips to the dentist’s office.

He focuses on finding potential trouble spots as early as possible and solving the problems at their earliest stages. An examination helps him determine what treatments and preventive action are best for you. (He’s not a one-size-fits-all dentist. He considers each individual separately.)

His office is easy to find. Dr. Vagenas is located at 5 Torrey St., across from the Brockton Fairgrounds.

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